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Suck it up

My screams escaped my throath as I ran for my life. I felt my own breath burning my throath and my legs bleeding from being scratched by the thorns of the roses around me. The gate was slowly closing and I knew I wouldn’t be able to just run through, I would have to slide through. But as the gates got closer and closer I realized that it was already too late, the gates had closed all the way to the ground. But I didn’t stop running from the terror behind me. It was a bomgolin, it may sound like a cute furry little creature, but trust me when I tell you it’s not. It runs like a wolf, but bigger, way bigger. Their mouths produce enough saliva to swallow a human being whole, and their teeth are sharp as the sharpest of knives.

You still may be wondering why I am running from a bomgolin in a field of roses, well I can explain, I really can. It’s a weird and very intricate story though so try to keep up as best as you can.

I’m Eryn, from Delil. Delil is a little town where my people have lived for centuries. Everyone seemed to be fine with the fact that barely anyone was allowed out of the town, I, on the other hand, wasn’t. How could one live without knowing what’s out there, maybe the world is so much better out there! But we wouldn’t know, because we would never experience it. For years I was planning to get out of there, just for the night, not for too long. And my plan worked, I got out of there. But there was one problem… I was too curious. My original plan was to just walk around the town a bit, checking out the surroundings and maybe even see some alive animals, which we hadn’t in our town. But I got too curious and went out too far into the lands. When the sun was almost coming up I tried to go back, but I got lost.

That was long ago, really, really long ago. Now I live here, in Edikanos. Edikanos is a giant city which is ruled by king Jullionas. Nobody really likes him, but his father screwed up the democracy, that’s why he’s here. And I’m here as well, but I’m not known as Eryn here, just to protect myself and my folk I changed my name to Rayne. Rayne does not have a good reputition here though… I kinda needed some gold when I came here and the only one that would pay me was this dude who wanted some guy to be dead, so I kinda became an asassin on my first day in Edikanos. But that meant that I also couldn’t use the name Rayne anymore because after I killed the king’s son I was wanted. Nobody had a picture of me, only a name. So then I changed my name to Erilas. And that has stuck for some time now so I think I’m keeping it. It’s a nice name though, it rolls of the tongue very nicely. I’m getting sidetracked again, sorry.

Back to the terrifying bomgolin that was chasing me. Yes, there we were. So how did that happen… Uhm, I kinda tried to kill someone in the royal bloodline again… This time he was pretty damn important as well. I kinda tried to kill the king… And it worked! That horrible thing of a man is dead now, but the maid saw me do it. She screamed, I ran, guards were alarmed, tried to escape, guards let a bomgolin loose and trapped me and the bomgolin in the garden.

This next part is really boring so I will just shorten it. After this mysterious guy threw a rope and me and got me out… blah, blah, blah… ran into a cave… blah, blah, blah… Told me I can’t go back anymore… blah, blah, blah… And the day after we just started walking, and walking, and walking. And let me tell you, walking for a days at the time is no good for your feet. The entire side of my left foot was just blistered. How lovely. And then Aidunan (that’s the mysterious rope throwing guy) gave me some nice words of wisdom, “suck it up.” What a pig.

Again, the next part is very boring so I won’t even bother with it. Because guess what we did? We walked for another few days, and even more days. I was almost 100% sure we would walk around the entire planet if we kept going. I even suggested stopping at a few towns we passed to get a horse, but noohooo. Mister walking thought it was a bad idea. So we walked for a very long time.

Did the walking ever end? Yes, it did. Where you ask? In Delil. So that means I’m back, with scars and all. You should’ve seen my mother’s face, she was pissed! And Aidunan? He stayed in Delil and became the second guard in command. Guess what I became… First guard in command! Aidunan was very pissed about that, so I made him feel better by telling him some words.

“Suck it up.”

Jah, jah, jah, ik weet ’t. NEDERLANDS ALLEEN! Maar neh, wat heb ik te verliezen…

Ontwerp door Willem Verweijen